How to Include Your Furry Friends on Your Wedding Day

We've all seen the adorable photos of a dog carrying the ring pillow down the aisle or announcing an engagement with a cute sign. And you may be thinking about adding your best bud to all the wedding excitement. After all, he's a member of the family too! And as your best friend in the world, why shouldn't he be in on the festivities?!

Here are a few ways to let your pup play a part in your wedding:

Getting Ready

Let your dog join in while you get ready. Having that wagging tail and sweet face around will whisk away any pre-wedding jitters. And if they're going to be a part of the ceremony, give them a quick brush and attach a bow tie or flower to their collar. Just make sure you've got an extra lent roller handy!

Let him lend a paw in the ceremony

Whether your furry friend carries the ring pillow, the flower basket or even acts as the best man or MoH, they can certainly be a part of the ceremony. Make sure that someone other than yourself is responsible for holding the leash, keeping your pup's attention, and taking care of any "gifts" on the lawn.

You will want to practice several times to ensure your dog is not only capable of participating, but also comfortable. A long ceremony in front of a large crowd may not be his cup of kibble.

But if he is ok with crowds and attention, a little practice and a pocket of training treats should do the trick!

Take im-pawsibly perfect photos!

Dress that canine to the nines and have your photographer capture you all, basking in all the love. Take your couples photos and let your pup join in some too! You'll be all smiles when you get the pics back. Bonus points if the photographer has done animal portraits before. They're trickier than they look and require a patient, dog loving professional to get the best shots.

Have a few ideas saved on a Pinterest board to show your photographer if you have something very specific in mind!

Give them a sweet surprise

Have a little pup cake made to share with your sweet boy. Everyone else is having cake, so why should they miss out on the sweet fun? Whether you contact a doggie bakery, or shop of your own, it will be a delightful treat for being such a good boy for the whole wedding.

Don't paw-ty all night long

If you do decide to let your pup in on the big day, make sure you're considering his needs. You may get swept up in the crazy fun of it all, but they will still need frequent breaks from the action. Have a plan in place for someone (other than you) to let them out to do their business and also to get a break from the commotion. Even social dogs can get overwhelmed with hours of stimulation.


- Call the venue to make sure pets are welcome.

- Even if they practice perfectly, don't send your pup down the aisle alone.

- Let them do their business right before the ceremony.

- If they are only obedient to you, having them in the actual ceremony may not be best. But you can include them in other ways.

- Make sure any child attendants are comfortable with pets.

- Check with your wedding party for potential allergies.

However you include your dog, know they'll add so much joy to the occasion. And you'll feel great with your furriest best buddy by your side! - TLG Team