Wedding Day Tips from Real Brides and Bridesmaids

Your wedding day is just around the corner! Every detail has been accounted for and you've gone over the seating chart about a dozen times. 

Now grab a cozy cup of coffee and read our best pieces of advice for your wedding day from real brides and bridesmaids. 

Brides Need To Eat Too!

"Take time to eat! My mom and I created our menu with the caterer like it was a work of art. I barely ate a bite because I had too much adrenaline all morning. Everyone always talks about how good the food was and I'll never know, lol. Same thing with the cake! Forgot to eat some after we fed each other a bite during the cutting." - Hailey M.  

Seriously, food is so important...

"Always have snacks for everyone." - Tortlelov3r21  

Because hanger is a real thing, keep everyone, including yourself happy and level headed with a few (mess free!) high protein snacks before the wedding. And don't forget to grab a plate from the menu you spend hours creating! 

"Make Tim to eat. We had our wedding planner set up a table with meals in a literal coat closet of our venue before we were introduced. It was so nice to have a minute to breathe, eat, and enjoy each other alone! - Nicole L. 

"If you have an afternoon wedding, make sure you have food while getting ready...and not just mimosas
🙈" - Hannah J. 

Be Present

"Spend more time with people and less time taking pictures." - Karlee D. 

Let yourself get caught up in the moment! It's a party after all, not just a photo shoot. Have a set time for taking wedding party and couple pictures, and then let the photographer capture candid photos for the rest of the day!

Try to Avoid Stress

"Remember to delegate!! Your wedding shouldn't be that stressful." - Bailey M. 

"Practice hairdos BEFORE the wedding day if you are doing it yourself.
Be prepared to have a good attitude about bridesmaid dresses.
Meet with the bridesmaids several times before things get crazy, once without much planning just so everyone is friendly and can work together easily with no stress on the bride." - tortlelov3r21

"Don't let other people stress you out, lol." - Karlee D.

It's easy to let the little things get to you on a day that's so important to you. Know that everyone means well and is rooting for you. And if they're not, it's not your problem. Just take it easy, enjoy yourself, and know that at the end of the day, you'll be married to the love of your life. 

And Here's Some Advice For The Little Things Your May Not Have Thought Of

"Remember thank you gifts! Get a note to your spouse the morning of your wedding. We did this and we both still have these.
💓" - Bailey M. 

"Pray with your husband-to-be before the ceremony. It really gets you in the right head space." - Olivia B. 

"We put smarties in the bottom of our flower girls' petal buckets and it helped them stay up front with us for the whole ceremony and kept them quiet! And made for some hilarious pictures 😂💕" - Natalyn H. 

"Fill an emergency bag with a small sewing kit, meds, and bobby pins. Bobby pins helped." - Stephanie N. 

Learn From Our Wedding Bloopers! 

"Remember to not wear a bra the morning of because of straps." - Sydney F. 

So important if your dress (or your bridesmaid dresses!) are strapless. You don't want red lines in your photos. 

"If you use metal lanterns for decor like I did, remember the tops get really hot! Keep them out of reach of guests or anything flammable. Better yet, use LED candles instead of the real thing." - Olivia B. 

They look pretty on Pinterest, but could definitely be a fire hazard if you're not careful. Don't forget to double check with your venue on rules for candles and sparklers. Many do not allow them! 

"My flowers weren't done that day and I had to make my own bouquets... Big tip, if you have awesome bridesmaids, buy bulk flowers at [your local grocery store] and put them together yourself." - Stephanie N. 

Make sure to double check with your venders before the big day to ensure everyone has the proper dates and times! Having a good backup plan is definitely a good idea. 

"Make sure someone reminds you to put your veil on before you walk down the aisle! Not before you come back up, lol. 🤦🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️" - Megan C. 

Have your coordinator or maid of honor do a quick checklist before heading down the aisle (bouquet, dress, garter, shoes, vows, handkerchief, veil, etc.). 

Our best piece of advice is to simple enjoy yourself. You've come so far in your relationship. Cherish your memories and know that this is just the beginning. From the moment you say, "I do," you'll be taking the next step toward forever with the person you love most in the world. What could be sweeter than that? Happy wedding beautiful bride! -TLG Team