3 Reasons to Have a Blackout Wedding

Honestly, when is the last time you spent the entire day off from your phone? Smartphones have become so much a part of our daily routines and activities, that it’s not only inconvenient but somewhat uncomfortable not to have them nearby. That said, if there ever was a day to ditch your phone, it would be your wedding day. And while I’m sure you’re great at multitasking, here are a few reasons to power off and focus on your big day:

1. Think of the Photos

While you may think you want everyone in attendance to capture pictures of your wedding day, that could end of being difficult on your professional photographer. Every angle and shot is bound to be littered with phones and bulky tablets. When you look back through your pics, the last thing you want is a big, technological monstrosity blocking your first kiss. Your photographer only has seconds to capture all of the perfect moments that you’ll want to cherish. Let them have the floor completely by asking your guests to refrain from using their phones during the ceremony.

2. Stay Present

It’s too easy to get sucked into social media and the other zillions of distractions your phone has to offer. Don’t let yourself get pulled away from your big day and the people who are there for you. Trust that your photographer is handling pictures. Save the posting for after the wedding. Tuck your phone away and enjoy the amazing party you’ve been working so hard to put together! You won’t want to miss a moment of the fun.

3. Skip the Drama

Asking your guests to forgo the phones while they’re at your wedding can help avoid unwanted drama. You don’t know what everyone is going through in their lives and it’s best if everyone could just set aside the calls, texts and social media for one day. If they’re able to make it to the wedding, they’re able to put their drama on hold for an afternoon. You don’t want anything to take away from the love and fun that you and your husband deserve.

So while it may seem extreme to ask guests to ditch the tech for your wedding, it’s just not. What’s a few hours, compared to the beautiful memories that you’ll have with them forever? And it doesn’t have to be awkward. Simply put a line in your invites, a cute sign by the entrance, or have the officiant ask that phones and cameras remain off and out of sight during the ceremony.

Time to swap your phone for that swoon worthy bouquet and get ready to walk down the aisle lovely bride. -TLG