Here Comes the Bridezilla- 5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Cool on the Big Day

Bridezilla. It’s the name every bride-to-be fears and the monster lurking around every corner on the way to your dream wedding. No one wants to be THAT bride. We’ve all seen the nightmare brides on reality shows and pledge to never stoop to that level of crazy. Yet, amidst the hectic planning, family drama, and let’s face it, your need to micromanage, even the sweetest brides can lose themselves. Follow these simple tips to keep your cool:

Start the Day Off Right

Beginning each day of your engagement with positivity will seriously make your days so much more productive and easy-going. Make your bed, wash your face, and plan for half an hour of you time. Find your thing. Maybe it’s prayer, yoga, meditation, or a cup of tea and a chapter of your favorite book. As long as it’s relaxing and uplifting, it will do the trick. Even on busy days, don’t skip this step. A healthy mind is the foundation for a healthy, happy bride. Polish off your morning with a couple of positive affirmations and you’ll be in the perfect state of mind to tackle whatever the day throws at you!

Keep Your Language Positive

When dealing with vendors, family, and friends, keep it light. Know that issues are going to come up and mistakes are going to happen. Instead of using language that places blame, be constructive. And avoid strong, negative words like, “hate,” or “stupid.” Replace simple negative phrases with helpful, concrete ideas.

For example, instead of saying, “I don’t like the dress you picked,” say, “I like the fit of this dress, but would like to try something with a beaded bodice and a longer train.”

Don’t Over-do It

Give yourself a reasonable number of things to do for each week. Cramming too many activities and tasks into a short time period is stressful and is bound to bring out the worst in anyone. If you find you really are too short of time, ask for help. Skip the big breakdown and simply (and nicely!) delegate some of the tasks to close friends and family. They’ll be happy to help.

Fad Diets are NOT Your Friend

While you may want to slim down and look your best on your wedding day, don’t starve at the cost of your health. Mental and emotional health are based in a healthy lifestyle. Snack on nuts and veggies throughout the day, and swap red meat and carb-heavy meals for chicken, fish and yummy salads. Don't forget lots of water. You’ll avoid the hangries and all the drama that comes with it.

Straighten Your Crown

Even if all the wedding chaos gets the better of you, and you lose it, all is not lost. Snapping at your parents, groom, or a bridesmaid is hurtful, so acknowledge it, and apologize. Don’t assume they’ll just chalk it all up to wedding stress. It’s so important to admit that you messed up, tell them you’re sorry and go the extra mile to show them some love. After all, they’re here for you and to help you. Make sure they know you appreciate them. And if that dreadful, “Bridezilla,” crosses their lips, make amends without holding a grudge. The best queens admit their failures, straighten their crowns, and move on with grace.

Your wedding will be beautiful, full of little mistakes, and perfect memories. Take it easy and you’ll have the best day ever with the ones you love! - TLG Team