Where Should We Have Our Wedding

With all of the options out there, finding that perfect venue can be a bit overwhelming. Should you get married in a church? Have the big day at a vineyard? You could even plan a destination wedding. There are so many choices, which can be great, but really, choosing your wedding venue can cause a lot of unnecessary stress for the bride. However, with a few simple steps, you can plan your wedding, your way (hold the stress!).

Step 1: Indoor or outdoor?

Ok, so the first big step is deciding whether or not you want your wedding to be indoors, outside, or even across the sea. When you close your eyes and imagine yourself walking down the aisle, what do you picture? A beautiful ceremony hall covered with floral arrangements? A wide open sky and the sound of waves? Maybe a rustic barn with twinkle lights?

Outdoor weddings can be so lovely. Who wouldn't want to say, "I do," surrounded by nature and the ones you love. If you spend your weekends hiking, camping, or strolling along the coast, an outdoor wedding just makes sense, But, if you have crazy seasonal allergies, an aversion to critters or plan on keeping that white dress immaculate, perhaps an indoor venue is the way to go. We can get lost in the vision of how we want everything to look, rather than planning according to our actual personality. Just because a venue is super Instagrammable, doesn't necessarily mean it's right for you!

Indoor weddings are great for regions with unpredictable weather and can offer comforts like air conditioning, restrooms, etc. If you're inviting several older or younger guests, those things can be important. Summer heat can be unforgiving. And let's not forget the dreaded rain. With indoor weddings, you won’t have to worry about June heatwaves or April showers.

Still not sure? The good news is, you can have both. Several venues offer picture perfect outdoor ceremonies with polished indoor receptions just steps away!

Step 2: Does it work with your budget?

Let's get real- wedding venues are often one of the most expensive parts of wedding planning. Choosing a venue within your budget is so important. Don't go broke on one big party. Remember what your wedding day is all about- starting a new life with your best friend. Be careful not to put too much financial stress on that new life. The memories of your wedding day should be happy, not stressful. You'll want to remember looking into your spouse’s eyes as you share that first kiss as a man and wife. Whether you get married in your backyard or in Spain, happiness is found in the “ever after” part.

Step 3: What about guests?

Every bride will have different family matters to consider when deciding where to have their wedding. How many guests can the venue hold? Will your second cousin be offended to not to receive an invitation? How long can Grandma sit in the sun during your August ceremony? While the day is all about the bride and groom, considering the needs of your guests cannot be overlooked. It will save you a lot of grief in the future to look at the pros and cons of your top venue choices before you choose. While you may be content to climb to the top of a mountain to declare your love, it could be difficult on your older family members and child attendants. Or perhaps you're considering exchanging vows on the white sand beaches of Hawaii. How many of your friends and family would be able to join you? Be careful not to value a place over the people you love. It's all about the love!

Step 4: No regrets!

So you’ve got your heart set on a place. It’s beautiful, practical, works in your budget. Now book it! Everyone will want a say in why you should or shouldn’t pick a venue, but at the end of the day, it’s your day. Don’t let someone talk you out of a perfectly good venue if you’re going to regret it later. No one will be worried about the location when they see you walking down the aisle in that perfect dress. Simply be firm and sure about what works best for you and the groom. Everything else will fall into place!

Good luck sweet bride and happy venue hunting! -TLG