How to Delegate

One of the biggest pitfalls that you can make during your engagement is trying to do everything yourself. Delegating wedding planning tasks is not only helpful, but essential to any bride-to-be’s sanity! While some things should absolutely be taken care of by the bride, there are many ways your loved ones can help your wedding day run smoothly. While you will want to handle the big stuff with your fiancé, someone else can definitely stamp and seal the invitations or make a list of local bakeries that do cakes. Follow these steps for simple, breezy planning:

  1. Make a List of Priorities

    Jot down a quick list of things that need to get done before the big day. Order them from the most important to the least. Now write your name beside the tasks that you will handle yourself. Maybe you want to personally pick out the band or DJ. Or perhaps you want to book a specific photographer. That’s totally fine, just try to only put your name next to, at most, half of the tasks. Your groom should be just as involved in the planning as you are, and your friends and family will love to be able to help out.

  2. Get a Planner

    This could be a wedding binder or even a spiral notebook. Divide up the tasks by month, and then by week. This will give you a realistic look into what you can actually manage and what you’ll want to delegate to someone else.

  3. Ask for Help

    Now that you know what you’ll need help with, think of the right person for the job and ask them to help, nicely. Try not to come across as stressed out or overbearing. No one wants to help a bridezilla. You’ll find that most people will be very happy to be included in the planning. Add them to your wedding board on Pinterest so that everyone can be on the same page.

  4. Get Your Maid of Honor Involved

    Make a copy of your wedding binder for your maid of honor. Ask her to touch base with the people assigned to the different tasks. Life happens and people can drop the ball. It’s much better for your bestie to be the middle man and save you the stress of keeping tabs on everything. Seriously, any bride can burn out so quickly and turn into a control freak if they’re not careful!

    Have her run the main points and ideas by you as things progress, so you can finalize the vendors, details, seating charts, etc. That will save you the time and energy of actually handling the tasks, but you still have a final veto if it’s not quite what you had in mind.

  5. Say Thank You

    Don’t forget to thank your helpers. A heartfelt thank you note or a small gift goes a long way. And, your friends and family will be much more inclined to help in the future if they feel like you appreciate them.

Delegation can be hard, especially when you have a perfect vision of what you want. But, trust us, you’ll be a happier, more relaxed bride come wedding day if you do. Know that the people you love will come through for you, if you give them a chance. They all want to see you happy and glowing when you say “I do!”

Happy delegating! -TLG Team