A Little Note About Wedding Music

Nothing sets the mood for any life event like the perfect song. A great song can totally make a moment. You know, the kind of moment that brings everyone to tears during the father-daughter dance, or the rehearsed hip-hop number that’ll have your guests literally rolling on the floor. On the other hand, a bad playlist will keep every guest firmly planted in their seats and as far from the dance floor as possible. So, yeah, music at a wedding is key. From the moment your guests arrive, until you drive off into the sunset with your new spouse, the music matters.

Luckily, creating the perfect musical backdrop is not as daunting as it sounds. In fact, it can be one of the most fun parts of wedding planning.

Should You Go With A Band Or DJ?

Honestly, it’s just a personal preference. A live band adds a cool aesthetic to your venue and a more authentic sound, as all of the songs will be performed live. Note, if you have certain songs that you know you want to be played, make sure to check with the band well in advance to see if that’s a possibility. While they may take requests, it all depends on if they actually know the song. Live bands tend to be a little more expensive (especially on weekends), but for some, the live performance is completely worth the cost.

A DJ has a lot to offer too. You can customize the playlist to your exact specifications or give them genres you enjoy and let them take the lead. They will be able to play any songs you want and can change the feel of the music quickly by reading what the room needs. An experienced DJ will notice the mood of the crowd and cater to it specifically, ensuring everyone has a blast. While DJs generally are easier on the budget, you will get what you pay for. Make sure to meet them in person to see if your tastes and personalities are in sync. Check out their social media for videos and more info before setting up a meeting in person.

Whichever you end up going with, make sure that it’s someone you can and want to listen to for about four hours. And don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with picking every little song. A good band or DJ will do most of the work for you.


And What About the Ceremony?

Music and song choice is just as important during the ceremony as it is during the reception. First decide if you want live music, such as a string quartet, or music played over a sound system. Again, it’s just a personal preference. Many love the feel and sound of live instruments, but others may see it as an unnecessary cost.

You’ll want to choose 2-4 songs to play while guests are arriving and taking their seats. Keep these light and soft. Instrumental music tends to work best here. You don’t want the music to overpower your guests or draw too much attention.

Then, you’ll want to turn up the volume and play something sweet as your wedding party makes their way down the aisle. And of course, you’ll want that killer love song for when you make your stunning entrance and walk down to meet your fiance.

After the kiss, you’ll have one more big exit song, while everyone files out to the reception area.

How to Pick Your Songs

With the millions of choices out there, how do you narrow it down to just a few? Well, at this point in your relationship, certain songs are sure to hold meaning for you both, or at least bring a warm smile to your face. Those are the songs you want to include in your wedding. The music you choose will highlight every big memory, from the aisle to your first dance as a married couple, and stay with you forever. So just go with your gut. Make it sappy. Make it mushy and cliche. Pick the songs that remind you of why you love the person you’re about to say “forever” to. Pick the songs that, when you hear them fifty years down the road, will remind you of the happiest day of your life.

So for now, listen to some sweet lovey-dovey playlists all engagement long and you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in no time. Just remember to have fun and keep it groovy sweet bride! - TLG