5 Ways to Cherish Your Wedding Experience


One of the most common pieces of advice we hear from brides is to be present. It’s so easy to let all of the fun and craziness take over, and before you know it, if you’re not careful it will pass you by. The most important part of your engagement and wedding experience is being a present part of it. Here are a few tips to ensure you experience this important time in your life to the fullest:

Put Away the Phone

During your engagement, it will seem like you need your smartphone for basically everything wedding related (contacting vendors, RSVPs, bride-to-be selfies, etc.). You can actually put the phone down more than you think. And you’ll be happier for it too. Have a bridesmaid take charge the guest RSVPs, have another enlisted as your personal photographer to capture the special moments. Need to check on your vendors? Use a computer to send an email and then walk away without getting distracted. Go with a hard copy planner. (Bonus: It’s a good memento that you can add pictures and cute planner accessories to later!) Keeping your phone on silent and having designated “phone time” will help you fully experience all the little moments that matter. And during the actual wedding, the last thing you need to be worried about is social media, texts, calls, or email. Save it for the plane ride to honeymoon paradise!

Give Yourself Time

You can only squeeze so much into a short period of time. Try not to overdo it with a bunch of cute wedding activities and ideas or you’ll be caught up in a whirlwind and miss half of it. Narrow it down to what really matters to you as a couple. You don’t need to include every party and tradition in your itinerary to marital bliss. Keep it simple so that you have time to plan and enjoy each and every item on your must have list. And if you really have a lot of must haves, plan a long engagement and a long wedding day. Then plan for even more time. You never know what distractions and unexpected things will occur. So give yourself wiggle room. After greeting each and every guest and listening your great uncle’s long-winded well wishes, you’ll be glad you had that extra half hour to eat that fabulous wedding dinner.

Spend Some Quality Time Alone With Your New Spouse

Amidst all the chaotic wedding events, you can actually very easily neglect the person you just professed your undying love for. Make moments for each other. It’s ok to sit down and eat your meal together at a private table for two. Some couples even do their first slow dance together in private. Scribble a love note on a napkin. Take a short walk and soak in the love. Pray together before joining your guests in the reception hall. Even if it’s just a moment outside where you can talk for five minutes alone, you’ll be so happy you made time for each other. Don’t let the day slip by without building meaningful memories with the person you love the most.

Don’t Worry About How You Look

There will be a million pictures taken throughout your engagement and on the wedding day. If you spend all your time obsessing about being a picture-perfect bride, you’ll miss out on half the fun. Plus, it shows when you’re genuinely happy and in the moment. Try not to focus on looking perfect or being the perfect social media bride, and you’ll enjoy yourself a lot more. Trust us, no one is worried about those stray hairs but you. The most beautiful brides are the ones that can let go and simply have fun! If you can do that, the bridal glow will come naturally. A real, candid smile trumps a perfectly-polished model-esk selfie any day.

Let the Little Things Slide

There aren’t enough dinner rolls to go around? The DJ played THAT song? Cousin Amy actually wore a white dress?! Breath in…breath out. Seriously, just let it go. If you let the little things get to you on your big day, you’ll miss it all. Things will happen that you did not intend. There will be mistakes, issues and problems. It doesn’t matter how well you planned the day, there will be little bumps. So, knowing that, be prepared to not be bothered. If you keep your head level and plan to live the day to the fullest with the person you love, nothing could possibly ruin it. Don’t let pessimism creep in where joy should be. Perfection is subjective, so keep a positive mind and it will all turn out perfectly perfect.

So relax and take it easy. This is the sweetest time in your life. - TLG Team