Buying Monogrammed Gifts

As we start the new year and have finished up the busiest time for monogram shops and stores that offer personalized products, we wanted a take moment to share some buying tips for those new to purchasing monogrammed gifts. Those who are familiar with monogram shopping (monogram enthusiasts) know to purchase ahead of time and understand how ordering works.
However, with online shopping and platforms like Etsy, Amazon Handmade, and a few other sites, buying personalized items has become very easy and new customers have been introduced to the monogram world. If you are new to buying monograms, there are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing.

1. Production takes time. Ordering a personalized item takes longer than ordering a ready to ship item. Amazon Prime has been amazing for quick shipping and has made expectations high for all online buyers. However, personalized products just take longer to create and make. Ask how long processing time is and understand that shipping is not included in production time. Ordering early will always make the shopping experience better for both buyer and seller.

2. Order of Initials have a set format. Most monogram fonts are formatted with this order:
first name initial, last name initial (centered and larger than the other initials), middle name initial.
There are a few font exceptions of course, but most fonts have this format. It is the industry standard and is the expectation of monogram makers.
If you are purchasing a monogrammed gift for someone that likes monograms, they will expect this format.

3. Know what you are buying. Make sure you see pictures of what you are purchasing. Sellers should have examples of the item you are buying and the more examples the better. Make sure the embroidery looks clean (no puckers in the fabric or gaps in the thread), the engraving is smooth, or the vinyl is straight with no bubbles.

4. Communication is important. Make sure the seller is able to contact you. If there is a question about thread color, the name, or any number of issues that come up, delays can be avoided if you are available to answer these questions. Great communication will make your buying experience so much better.

5. Reviews help. Leave an honest review so other buyers know what to expect. If your experience was great on every level, let others know. We all want to purchase from shops with great customer service and quality work. Likewise, if things were less than satisfactory, explain in detail the situation so other buyers (and the seller) are aware and can avoid what you went through.

If you are new to the monogram world, beware… personalized gifts are going to become your new favorite!