Are Monogrammed Robes part of the gift to your Bridesmaids?

This is a question we get asked quite a bit. Monogrammed Robes are a great gift that your bridesmaids will love. They will use them long after the wedding is over and have great memories each time they wear them later. The robes are a wonderful gift but they are really for the bride. They are meant to be worn at the venue, or wherever the bridesmaids and bride are getting ready for the ceremony. They look great in the wedding photographs and are meant to keep makeup and hair from getting messed up. These things are important for a beautiful wedding and are part of the entire experience.
We recommend adding a small gift, which can be anything from a small piece of jewelry with a nice meal at a fancy restaurant, to a small token like a tumbler with her name on it, depending on your budget. Don’t break the bank, but if you are having a grand wedding, please don’t skimp. Your wedding party is having to put a lot of money towards your big day and this is a “thank you” gift. Your gift needs to be thoughtful and lets them know you took the time to get them something they will appreciate.
Robes are great and your photographer will love you for having them, but a little add-on gift would be nice.

ps.. don’t forget to steam the fold lines and wrinkles from the robes, your photographer will thank you